Show Business Challenge

Fame, fortune, scandals and the big screen - let's make them 100x100

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  • all entries must fit livejournal standards size: 100x100 space: under 40kb format: .jpg, .gif or .png
  • It would be nice if your icon was made specially for each challenge
  • If you have a weird feeling, or know someone is breaking the rules - please use anyone of the challenge's screened posts to tell me!!!!
  • any effects are good, even animation, although it's not preferred
  • all entries must be entered on time! there will be due dates on each contest
  • if the work is not yours, or you edit someone elses icon for your submission- it is automatic disqualifying and possible banning
  • you can not post your icon you submit until the winners for that certain contest have been announced
  • you must follow the rules carefully, i will not accept any icons that have big mistakes
  • all entries must be submitted to the post and should follow this format:

  • Do not tell others to vote for you

    1. birthday_celebs
    2. potostillness
    3. _celebicontest
    4. kirsten_stills
    5. hans_stills

    comment at my journal or just reply to a random post if you would like to affiliate!

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